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Give your makeup some staying power!

On your wedding day, it is vital that your make-up stays looking fresh all day long. Well applied bridal make-up should only need a bit of powder and a lipstick touch up throughout the day – the rest should stay picture perfect all day long!

Skincare has an important part to play in long lasting make-up. A good quality moisturiser is key for a good skin base. Your moisturiser should hydrate your skin without being too greasy. My favourite moisturiser to use for brides with dry or sensitive skin is Embryolisse Lait-crème Concentrate Nourishing Moisturiser – It leaves the skin supple, smoothed, plumped and incredibly soft. For oily skin types I opt for Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel.

Primer is a must for make-up longevity. Primer creates the perfect base to apply makeup to. Not only will a primer help make you make-up last longer, but it will also smooth over fine lines and open pores. There are different primers for each skin type. I personally like the Smashbox Primer range, which includes primers that are oil free, colour correcting, illuminating and hydrating.

To keep eye shadow in place all day long, an eye shadow primer should be used. A well as keeping your eye shadow in place, eye primers can also help stop your eye make-up from creating and amplifying the pigment in eye shadows. Mac Paint Pots are great from wedding make-up and they come in a range of colours – my favourite ones to use on brides are groundwork, bare study and painterly. Urban Decay Primer Potion is also an amazing product.

Powder is needed to set make-up, eliminate shine and stop creasing. You don’t want your skin to look too powdery and cakey and so less is more when it comes to powdering. It should be applied lightly with a fluffy brush concentrating on hot points such as the nose, chin and forehead. It is also important to powder under the eyes to set concealer and reduce creasing. More powder may be needed throughout the day to keep shine away. I suggest that you purchase a small pressed powder compact that you can keep handy in your (or your bridesmaids) handbag.

Lips should be prepped with a lip balm when prepping the skin. This can then be absorbed into your lips ready for lipstick application. It is important to line the lips before applying lip colour – this will not only make your lipstick last longer, but it prevents lipstick from bleeding and can be used to create a better lip shape. It is inevitable that your lipstick will need reapplying at some point during your wedding day – especially after all the eating, drinking and kissing! I recommend my bride’s purchase a lipstick and/or a lip-gloss that they can reapply throughout the day.


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