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Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Hair

Choosing what hairstyle to have for your wedding day can be quite daunting. There are so many different styles to choose from and having an updo isn’t something most people are used to having.

Look through lots of images to get some inspiration. Bridal magazines, fashion and celebrity magazines and Pinterest are all great places to start. Go to my Pinterest page to see some great inspirational images I have picked out.

If you have a particular theme to your wedding, your hair is a great opportunity to incorporate your style into the theme. For example, if your dress is very vintage, maybe something with a lot of lace, you could try a beautiful 1920’s inspired updo with a finger wave effect. Or if you’ve opted for a more bohemian style wedding you could choose a loose, textured hairstyle incorporating some boho braids.

When looking through pictures for your bridal hair inspiration, keep in mind the type of hair you have. Everyone’s hair has certain limitations. For example, if you have hair that doesn’t hold curls well, don’t opt for a hairstyle of flowing curls as you will be disappointed if they drop out before your ceremony has even started. If you don’t have a lot of hair, don’t be surprised that your hair won’t create that extra voluminous updo with a huge bun with masses of curls. Alternatively if you have your heart set on something that needs more hair than you have then you can look at investing in some extensions or a hairpiece.

Be mindful of your style. Don’t choose something completely “out there” just because it’s your wedding day. I know it’s easy to get carried away when looking at all those beautiful hairstyles, but at the end of the day you want to look like you – if not you may end up feeling uncomfortable. You don’t want to be looking back on photographs from your big day thinking; “that’s so not me”.

Keep in mind what accessories you would like in your hair. Be sure that your chosen hairstyle will accommodate your chosen headdress, such as your veil, tiara or hair slide.

It is important to consider your style of dress when choosing your hairstyle. Think about your neckline – if you’re wearing something with a high neckline, an updo will most likely work best. Alternatively if it is more of a tube style dress and there is a lot of skin showing, you may want to keep some or all of your hair down to keep you from looking bare. If your dress has a lot of detail in the back, you won’t want your hair down covering it. If you have a very busy dress with lots of detail and adornments, you may want to consider a simpler hairstyle.

And finally and most importantly have fun with your bridal hair search! Choosing a hairstyle is nothing to get stressed about and should be one of the enjoyable parts of your wedding planning! Take pleasure in exploring the different wedding looks out there and make sure you’re happy with the style you finally do choose and that it really is “you” – your husband will want to recognise his bride walking down the aisle!


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