Trials are really important to try out the kind of look you want and make sure that you feel comfortable with what you’ve chosen and make sure it’s the right look for you. I often have brides show me pictures of hair and makeup looks they want but when they see the look recreated on their own hair or face, decide it’s not the right choice for them. It allows the bride and I to discuss the look and make adjustments and tweaks so that they are completely happy. It also gives me a chance to get to know your hair and skin type and know how best to achieve the look you’re going for. Trials also give me a chance to get to know a bride. Hair and makeup styles can be a very personal thing and I like to ensure a bride feels like herself. Bride’s can also check to see how their skin or hair reacts with the products I have used and give them chance to give me any feedback so I can again ensure a bride is completely happy on her wedding day. I also record how I have created a look and what products have been used so I can replicate the look on the wedding morning. I understand stress and nerve levels can be high on the morning of a wedding and I like to ensure my brides can completely trust that they are in safe hands and will love the look I create for them so it’s one less thing to worry about.

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