Bridal party trials are not as essential as having a bridal trial, however it can still be a useful for them to have one. Bridal party trials are especially useful if someone is not sure about how they want their hair and/or makeup on the day and want to try something out prior to the wedding day. As there isn’t extra time on the wedding morning to experiment with styles, if someone is unsure about what they want I do feel it is important to have a trial beforehand to avoid any disappointment or stress on the day. Bridal party trials can also be helpful for people who are not used the having their hair and makeup done as it can make them feel more at ease and relieve any nerves about having it done on the wedding day. Another reason for the bridal party to have trials would be if, for example, you want all your bridesmaid’s hair to look the same, or have the same updo, then it can be a good idea for them to have a trial to check all their hair will work in that particular style or I will be able to make tweaks to change it to something that will work for everyone on the day.

Having your trials together can also just be an enjoyable, fun experience. Brides often brig along their mum or maid of honour along so they can both have trials and make a bit of a day of it! They can spend the day getting pampered and made up and then go out for drinks or dinner all made up!

Bridal party trials are charged at bridal party prices when booked on the same day as the bride’s trial. However should your bridal party member wish to have their trial separately, this will be charged a bridal trial prices.

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