I usually allow the following times for wedding day hair and makeup:

Bride Hair and Makeup: 2 hours
Bride Hair Only: 1 hour 10 mins
Bride Makeup Only: 50 mins
Bridal Party Hair and Makeup: 1 hour 15 mins
Bridal Party Hair Only: 40 mins
Bridal Party Makeup Only: 35 mins

To make things a little easier for you and to ensure the wedding morning runs as smoothly as possible I will send you over a schedule prior to the wedding day allocating hair and makeup slots for you and your bridal party. I allow 30 mins set up time before starting with the first service to ensure I am organised and ready to go. I usually start with all the hair services and then onto makeup services. This is so that makeup is done later and so stays fresher for the ceremony and gives everyone a bit of a break from sitting in the chair. It is also better for me to concentrate on one service and then the other. Should this be a problem due to bridal party members arriving at different times it’s not a problem at all and I can alter the schedule accordingly.

In terms of order I usually put the bride last in the hair services and then second to last for makeup so that the bride has time to put on her dress whilst I’m finishing the makeup services.

I usually recommend having all the hair and makeup services finished approximately 30 – 45 mins before everyone needs to leave for the ceremony. This allows time for touch ups and ensures everyone is not rushing.

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