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5 Excellent Reasons To Consider a Weekday Wedding

Weddings are back and the industry is in full swing making couple’s dream weddings a reality! With the sheer volume of couples who have sadly had to postpone their weddings and new couples now having a roadmap to work towards, many weekend dates – especially during peak season – have long been snapped up. But rather than pushing back your wedding plans by months or even into 2022, having a weekday wedding is a great alternative with its own set of perks! Here’s why you shouldn’t shy away from booking your wedding during the week.

Off-Peak Savings

It’s no secret that weekend dates are far more popular with couples choosing their wedding date and this is more often than not reflected in suppliers’ prices. This is especially apparent when it comes to venues. However, even during high season, venues will often offer cheaper “off-peak” pricing for weddings booked during the week. If you’re considering a Monday – Thursday date for your wedding, be sure to ask your suppliers if they offer any weekday discount or savings.

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More Peak Season Availability

Another popular choice for couples is booking a summer wedding with the hopes of some sun! Summer weekend dates are always the first to get booked up and with the vast amount of postponements due to coronavirus, the chances are that your favourite suppliers will already be booked. Instead of making compromises on your supplier, choosing a weekday date for your wedding will open up so many more dates, increasing the availability of dates to choose from.

Top Tip

Mondays are a great option that allows both you and your guests to extend the festivities over the course of a long weekend.

Affordable Guest Accommodation

If you’re booking out accommodation for your guests, you will see noticeable savings for rooms booked during the week versus Fridays and weekends. This is particularly common in areas that attract tourists as weekends naturally attract a higher demand for hotel rooms due to travel and tourism. If you’re hosting a weekday wedding, your out-of-town guests will definitely thank you for benefitting from the reduced hotel rates!

Keep The Party Going

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You only get married once so why not extend your celebrations over several days! For example, if you book your wedding for a Thursday, you can host a pre-wedding dinner on Wednesday evening, a post-wedding brunch on Friday morning then spend the weekend relaxing together and re-experiencing the day. It also means more time with your loved ones and spending more quality time together is exactly what we need after this year!!

Your Guests Have More Annual Leave Than Usual

The lockdown has meant not being able to book in all the holidays and trips we usually would and so many people are left with more annual leave dates than usual! Weekday weddings are often avoided because couples are worried that guests may not be able to take the time of work or will need to go to work the day after the wedding and therefore not be able to fully let loose and enjoy themselves. With the possibility that your guests have excess holiday days to use because of coronavirus, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of this and book your wedding during the week.

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