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weekday wedding

5 Excellent Reasons To Consider a Weekday Wedding

Weddings are back and the industry is in full swing making couple’s dream weddings a reality! With the sheer volume of couples who have sadly had to postpone their weddings and new couples now having a roadmap to work towards, many weekend dates – especially during peak season – have long been snapped up. But rather than pushing back your wedding plans by months or even into 2022, having a weekday wedding is a great…

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winter skin care

Winter Skincare, My Professional Routine Revealed.

The winter months can be harsh on your skin and so it is important to use gentler products in your routine to accommodate these effects on your skin. Cold air and chilly winds coupled with dry indoor temperatures from heaters zaps our skin's moisture and can leave skin feeling dry and dull. In this post, I will go through some changes you can make to your skincare routine to help tackle those winter skin blues.…

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Planning a micro wedding

How to Plan an Intimate Micro Wedding & Celebrate in Style

What is an Intimate Micro Wedding? With Coronavirus restrictions having a massive impact on the wedding industry, many couples are now being faced with modifying their big celebration to plan a smaller, more intimate occasion. Whilst you might be feeling disappointed with the idea of a small wedding, I want to reassure you that small weddings can be just as special and beautiful as the big wedding you had originally hoped for. What are the…

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Hair & Makeup Essentials

Hair & Makeup Essentials for Your Wedding Day.

Hair & Makeup Essentials for Your Wedding Day Touch Up Kit Which hair and makeup items should you pack in your wedding day survival bag? Having your wedding day hair and makeup applied by a professional will ensure longevity, meaning you will look amazing from the ceremony to the evening dancing! However, with a busy day of kissing, drinking, eating and dancing, there are a few items I recommend having with you for any necessary…

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lashes feature

Your Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Day Lashes

Your choice of lashes can make a huge impact to your finished bridal makeup look. But, with so many different options to accentuate your natural lashes so you can achieve a fuller, more defined look for your wedding day, how do you choose the option that is best for you? Each bride will have individual preferences when it comes down to choosing the right wedding day lashes. Your decision may come down to the finished…

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bridal beauty post covid

Bridal Beauty Post COVID-19 : What is the New Normal?

Bridal Beauty in the 'New Normal' The corona virus epidemic has had a huge impact on weddings, which has meant couples all around the world have been forced to postpone or even cancel their eagerly awaited big days. However, with lock down beginning to ease and micro-ceremonies being allowed from 4th July we can finally start to think about celebrating weddings once again.  Bridal beauty, however, remains as important as ever. What changes can we…

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Top Wedding Makeup Tips to Get That Bridal Glow

Wedding Makeup Tips to Get That Bridal Glow One of my favourite wedding makeup tips is to apply enhancing highlighting products to take skin from dull and lack lustre to fresh, bright and dewy! And who doesn’t want to glow on their wedding day? In this post I will talk through my top tips and favourite products to achieve that gorgeous bridal glow! Build A Solid Foundation The key to beautiful glowing skin starts with…

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How to Postpone Your Wedding During Corona Crisis.

 The unprecedented arrival of Coronavirus has had a dramatic impact on wedding celebrations. Couples who are due to get married in the next few months are facing some very difficult decisions as to how to postpone your wedding.. With The Church of England's announcement that only the priest, couple and two witnesses should be in attendance at weddings and the government ban on large gatherings, it has become virtually impossible for weddings to go ahead…

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why are good makeup artists so expensice

Why are Good Hair and Makeup Artists So Expensive

Why Are Wedding Hair & Makeup Artists So Expensive? There’s a question I quite often see bride’s asking on wedding forums and Facebook groups and that is “why are wedding hair and makeup artists so expensive?”. As someone who works in the industry I think it is important to know exactly what is taken into consideration when a hair and makeup artist sets their fees. I know on the surface it’s easy to think all…

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tips on how to choose your perfect bridal makeup

Top Tips On Choosing Your Perfect Bridal Makeup

Top Tips On Choosing Your Perfect Bridal Makeup With so many different makeup looks to consider it can feeling like an overwhelming task choosing a bridal makeup look that is right for you. To help make things a little easier, I've put together some helpful tips and things to consider when choosing a makeup look for your wedding day. What’s Your Signature Look? An important step in creating ‘your look’ is to consider your own…

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