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I’m sure you have many questions at ask about my wedding hair and makeup services, but to help you out and get you started I have compiled together some of my most frequently asked questions!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch – I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!


Why book you for my wedding makeup artist?

As a wedding makeup artist, I understand how important it is to look your best on your wedding day. Wedding makeup should be about enhancing a bride’s natural beauty and not masking it. Every bride is unique and has her own style and therefore a bride’s makeup should reflect that. I take the time to understand and listen to my brides and how they want their makeup, whether that is a more traditional natural makeup, maybe something a little smokier or even a vintage wedding makeup. Working with you, I will make suggestions on how to make the overall look work best for you. You will be able to relax, feeling confident that you will look and feel fantastic on your big day.

It is vital that your wedding day makeup stays put all day long and having an experienced makeup artist will guarantee just that. Wedding makeup needs to look beautiful not only on camera but also to the naked eye. I use expert application techniques to create a flawless look that will leave you looking stunning both for your groom and in your photographs for years to come.

Why book you for my wedding hair stylist?

As your bridal hair stylist, I will take great care to understand exactly how you want your wedding hair. I will use my extensive knowledge and experience to advise on the best bridal hairstyles to suit you and your hair type so you will look your very best on your wedding day.

There are infinite bridal hairstyles to choose from and also many things to consider when choosing your hairstyle, such as style of your dress and the type of any headdress. You may be looking for a classic and elegant updo or a soft, romantic, tousled look. Perhaps you would prefer a more vintage inspired style or even a textured, bohemian braid. With so many different styles to choose from, deciding on your perfect wedding day hair can be quite overwhelming, but it is important to choose something you are comfortable with and that reflects you. You can however feel confident in knowing that with my experience in wedding hair styling, I will create a stunning hairstyle that will transform you into a beautiful bride.

I have had extensive experience in creating bridal hair to suit every bride. Each bride’s hair is different and therefore has individual styling needs. I use professional knowledge and understanding to identify how each style needs to be created and what products are required.


How much do you charge for wedding hair and makeup?

I have a full price list on my website for to look at before making an enquiry. To have a look at my prices please click here

Do you require a minimum booking?

Friday and Saturday wedding bookings June – September will require a minimum booking of bride hair and makeup plus one other adult for hair and makeup on the wedding day (or the equivalent of).

Do you require a deposit to secure my booking?

I ask for a £50 booking fee to fully secure your wedding date. This is non refundable upon cancellation and will be deducted from your first payment installment which is due 1 week after your trial. Details on how to pay the booking fee will be found on the quote I send over

For my full terms and conditions please click here

What brands do you use in your kit?

I use a whole range of products in my kit. Skin care includes brands such as Embryolisse, Avene and The Ordinary. My makeup kit includes brands such as Mac, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown and Urban Decay. My hair kit includes brands such as L’oreal Pro and GHD. All my products have been hand picked for their performance power and longevity. I will use different products depending on skin type, hair type and the kind of look you’re wanting to achieve.

I have a large bridal party, will you be able to manage everyone on your own?

The amount of hair and makeup services I am able to do on the wedding day will often depend on the time you all need to be ready to leave for the ceremony and how early you want to get up on the wedding morning. I am happy to do early starts but also understand that no everyone wants to get up at the crack of dawn on their wedding day! Should you wish to have a later start or have too many bridal party members for me to do on my own I can bring along an additional artist to help share the wedding day services. I have a group of highly experienced artists I regularly work with on larger bookings. I charge an additional £85 to add an additional artist to the booking.


Do I need a trial prior to the wedding day?

Trials are really important to try out the kind of look you want and make sure that you feel comfortable with what you’ve chosen and make sure it’s the right look for you. I often have brides show me pictures of hair and makeup looks they want but when they see the look recreated on their own hair or face, decide it’s not the right choice for them. It allows the bride and I to discuss the look and make adjustments and tweaks so that they are completely happy. It also gives me a chance to get to know your hair and skin type and know how best to achieve the look you’re going for. Trials also give me a chance to get to know a bride. Hair and makeup styles can be a very personal thing and I like to ensure a bride feels like herself. Bride’s can also check to see how their skin or hair reacts with the products I have used and give them chance to give me any feedback so I can again ensure a bride is completely happy on her wedding day. I also record how I have created a look and what products have been used so I can replicate the look on the wedding morning. I understand stress and nerve levels can be high on the morning of a wedding and I like to ensure my brides can completely trust that they are in safe hands and will love the look I create for them so it’s one less thing to worry about.

When should I book my trial?

It is completely up to you how far in advance you book your trial with me. Some brides like to have an earlier trial so they can feel at ease knowing it’s something ticked off the to-do list! And other’s prefer to wait till nearer the wedding date as it’s something to look forward to or they know they will have a better idea of the look they want once they have organised other aspects of the wedding. The date of the trial could also depend on factors such as if you wanted to grow your hair for the big day.

I usually recommend that the trial is booked around 8-12 weeks before the day of your wedding. I will do my best to work around your schedule, but understandably my weekends are busy with weddings and I therefore mostly keep trial bookings to Monday – Thursday only. I also advise that your wedding hair and makeup trial is carried out during daylight hours – this way you can get a clear view of what your hair and makeup will look like on the wedding day. It also gives you a chance to see the longevity of the hair and makeup and enable you to give me any feedback so if needed things can be tweaked on the wedding day. Weekend and evening trial bookings are only taken in special circumstances. Please bear this in mind when booking your trial date with me.

Where does the trial take place?

I can either travel to you so the trial can be carried out in the comfort of your own home or many brides prefer to come to my home in South West London where I can have my kit set up ready for your arrival and you can be away from your partner should you not want them to see your chosen hair and/or makeup look for the big day!

What do I need to do to prepare for the trial?

Once you have secured you booking with me I will send you over a list of tips on how to make the most of your bridal trial. You will be able to give these a read through to provide you with some useful tips to think about and you can let me know anything you think I may find helpful.

What happens at the trial?

At your wedding hair and makeup trial, I will assess your hair and skin type and decide on the best skincare, makeup and hair products for you. We will talk through and discuss the kind of look you are hoping to have. I usually ask for my brides to send me images of their hair and makeup inspiration prior to the trial. I find having visual aids makes it easier to discuss different elements of the look and shows more clearly the kind of thing you like. I will ask for images of your hair and makeup inspiration prior to the trial along with a picture of yourself with your hair down. This is so I can check that I think your chosen look will work for you. If I think something will not work I will discuss my thoughts about this before the trial giving suggestions on what I think will work better and why. You will then have plenty of time to think about this before the trial and will be able to have a look at alternative options prior to the trial itself.

I will use all the information we have discussed to create hair and makeup looks that emulate the kind of looks we have discussed and you have shown me but also compliment your features and enhance your natural beauty.

Once you have decided on your final look and are completely happy with everything, I will then record all the products used, take photographs and make notes so that your bespoke wedding hair and makeup look can be replicated with ease on the day of your wedding.

How long does a bridal hair and makeup trial take?

Each trial is different, but you should allow around 3-4 hours for a hair and makeup trial. I will work with you, trying out as many looks as you want and fine tuning the hair and makeup until you are completely happy with your overall look and therefore some trials may take longer.

Can I try more than one style at the trial?

You can of course try more than one style at your trial but I do ask that you try and pin point a general style you like or perhaps 2 favourites. Too many choices can get confusing and can in fact lead to an unsuccessful trial and a bride can leave a trial still being unable to decide on the style that’s right for them. It is easier to have a general style that you like that can be tweaked rather than several completely different styles. This is why I ask for a bride to research inspiration prior to a trial. Hair can also be difficult to maintain if it is put up and taken down several times and can start to look messy and untidy. This can be the same with skin if you have had to put on and take off makeup several times.

Can I bring someone else along to my trial?

Of course! In fact this is something I recommend to my brides. Having a friend or family member at your trial can help you choose the right look for you. It’s helpful having someone there who knows you to offer their opinion about what suits you. It can also make the trial more fun and enjoyable for you, which is exactly what the trial experience should be!

Do members of my bridal party need to have a trial too?

Bridal party trials are not as essential as having a bridal trial, however it can still be a useful for them to have one. Bridal party trials are especially useful if someone is not sure about how they want their hair and/or makeup on the day and want to try something out prior to the wedding day. As there isn’t extra time on the wedding morning to experiment with styles, if someone is unsure about what they want I do feel it is important to have a trial beforehand to avoid any disappointment or stress on the day. Bridal party trials can also be helpful for people who are not used the having their hair and makeup done as it can make them feel more at ease and relieve any nerves about having it done on the wedding day. Another reason for the bridal party to have trials would be if, for example, you want all your bridesmaid’s hair to look the same, or have the same updo, then it can be a good idea for them to have a trial to check all their hair will work in that particular style or I will be able to make tweaks to change it to something that will work for everyone on the day.

Having your trials together can also just be an enjoyable, fun experience. Brides often brig along their mum or maid of honour along so they can both have trials and make a bit of a day of it! They can spend the day getting pampered and made up and then go out for drinks or dinner all made up!

Bridal party trials are charged at bridal party prices when booked on the same day as the bride’s trial. However should your bridal party member wish to have their trial separately, this will be charged a bridal trial prices.


What happens on the wedding day itself?

On your wedding day you want to feel and look your very best and so having perfect bridal hair and makeup is highly important. You will be able to sit back and relax on the day with the confidence that you are in my capable hands.

To guarantee your day goes according to plan and is as stress-free as possible, I will make sure that everything is prepared and organised. I will also send you over a time schedule prior to the wedding day so you and your bridal party will know exactly what time they are needed.

I want your wedding hair and makeup experience to be as enjoyable as possible. I will make sure that you feel relaxed, pampered and prepared to enjoy your special day.

As an experienced wedding hair and makeup artist, I understand how hectic the morning of your wedding can be and so I am on hand to help out with anything I can, from helping out with the dress to making a cup of tea!

Last minute touch-ups will be made before you leave for the ceremony, to ensure you look your best in your photographs and for your partner.

How long should I allow for hair and makeup on the wedding day?

I usually allow the following times for wedding day hair and makeup:

Bride Hair and Makeup: 2 hours
Bride Hair Only: 1 hour 10 mins
Bride Makeup Only: 50 mins
Bridal Party Hair and Makeup: 1 hour 15 mins
Bridal Party Hair Only: 40 mins
Bridal Party Makeup Only: 35 mins

To make things a little easier for you and to ensure the wedding morning runs as smoothly as possible I will send you over a schedule prior to the wedding day allocating hair and makeup slots for you and your bridal party. I allow 30 mins set up time before starting with the first service to ensure I am organised and ready to go. I usually start with all the hair services and then onto makeup services. This is so that makeup is done later and so stays fresher for the ceremony and gives everyone a bit of a break from sitting in the chair. It is also better for me to concentrate on one service and then the other. Should this be a problem due to bridal party members arriving at different times it’s not a problem at all and I can alter the schedule accordingly.

In terms of order I usually put the bride last in the hair services and then second to last for makeup so that the bride has time to put on her dress whilst I’m finishing the makeup services.

I usually recommend having all the hair and makeup services finished approximately 30 – 45 mins before everyone needs to leave for the ceremony. This allows time for touch ups and ensures everyone is not rushing.

Can you stay for touch-ups throughout the wedding day?

This is an additional service I can offer. If you are interested in booking me for additional time on the wedding day please let me know when enquiring and I can add this to the quote for you. Price will depend on the number of extra hours you would like me to stay.


How far do you travel?

I am predominantly based in South West London and cater all the surrounding areas such as London, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Essex and Oxfordshire. However, as I have family in the West Midlands I also take bookings around the West Midlands and Warwickshire area and calculate any travel charges from Coventry (CV4). I include a 20-mile journey in my fees and travel beyond this will be charged at 45p per mile.

I am of course happy to travel wherever I am needed including destination weddings. Travel that requires more than a 2-hour drive will also require overnight accommodation to be provided the night before.

Do you do destination weddings?

Yes, I do take destination wedding bookings and have been lucky to visit some beautiful venues for abroad work. Flights, accommodation and transfers will all need to be provided. I may also charge additional rates for travel days.

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