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Hair & Makeup Essentials for Your Wedding Day.

Hair & Makeup Essentials for Your Wedding Day Touch Up Kit

Which hair and makeup items should you pack in your wedding day survival bag?

Having your wedding day hair and makeup applied by a professional will ensure longevity, meaning you will look amazing from the ceremony to the evening dancing! However, with a busy day of kissing, drinking, eating and dancing, there are a few items I recommend having with you for any necessary touch-ups you may need throughout the day.


Hair & Makeup Essentials

From that all-important kiss to swilling down copious amounts of champagne, even the hardiest of lipsticks will wear off during your wedding day! Lipstick is an essential item for quick touch-ups throughout the day.

If you’re having your makeup applied professionally, I suggest purchasing a tube of the shade chosen at your trial. Your makeup artist can let you know what to get so you can buy it in advance of your wedding day. Be sure to add this to your hair and makeup essentials.

Lip Balm

Keeping your lips well moisturised will ensure your lipstick doesn’t go flaky and patchy. Having a lip balm handy to apply when your lips are feeling a little dry is a great addition to your touch up kit.

Apply some lip balm before you sit down to eat so it can soak in whilst you’re enjoying your meal. You can then top up your lipstick onto hydrated lips once you’ve finished, ready for the evening!

Blotting Sheets & Powder

Hair & Makeup Essentials

Whilst it’s great to have a “bridal glow” on your wedding day, you don’t want to end up looking shiny. Bringing along a pressed powder is essential for your wedding day touch-ups, especially for us oily gals! Shine can really be enhanced on camera and so it’s important to keep this under control on your wedding day to ensure you stay picture perfect! Add this to your hair and makeup essentials for a picture-perfect wedding.

Just don’t overdo it – less is more when it comes to powder as you don’t your skin to look cakey. To help avoid layering too much product, I also advise to pack some oil blotting sheets to absorb any excess oil before going in with the powder.

Cotton Buds

These are a handy little addition to your bridal touch up kit as they have so many uses; smoothing out eye shadow if it begins to crease, cleaning up your lip line after eating and wiping away smudged mascara should you get a bit teary! If you need a bit of moisture to help clean up any smudges you can always dip your cotton bud in a bit of water, or you can even get cotton buds with eye makeup remover built in!

Hair Grips

bobby pinsHair & Makeup Essentials

Having a few extra grips in your bag can be really useful for any rebellious strands of hair that may need a helping hand to get back into place! Make sure you choose the right colour grips to match your hair so they’re less visible. Your hairstylist will probably be happy to give you a few extra grips to keep with you just in case!   Hair grips are one of those hair and makeup essentials that can get overlooked.

Mini Hairspray

Perfect for a quick spritz to make sure your style stays perfectly in place throughout the day. Hairspray is super handy to have in case the wind picks up and your style starts moving, or for smoothing away any stubborn flyaways!

These essentials should be everything you need to keep yourself looking picture perfect all day!

As an alternative option, you can always book your hair and makeup artist to stay on for the day and be on hand for any hair and makeup touch ups that you might need throughout your wedding day to ensure you stay looking your absolute best all day long!


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Hair & Makeup Essentials
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