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Your Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial Questions Answered

bridal hair and makeup trial

What is a Bridal Trial?

A bridal hair and makeup trial is scheduled with your makeup artist and/or hair stylist before the actual wedding day. You will have the opportunity to meet your artists, discuss your ideas and try some different hair and makeup styles to see what works best for you.

Do I Really Need a Bridal Trial?

Even if you have a clear vision of the hair and makeup you want for your wedding day, trials are really important to try this out and make sure that you feel comfortable with your choice and ensure it’s the right look for you. I often have brides show me pictures of looks they like but when they see it recreated on their own hair or face, decide it’s not the right choice for them. A trial allows you and your artist to discuss your ideas and make adjustments and tweaks so that you are completely happy with the finished look.

Trials give your artist a chance to get to know your hair and skin type and know how best to achieve the look you’re going for. You will be able to see how your skin or hair reacts with the products used and gives you a chance to give your artist any feedback prior to your wedding day. It is also good for you and your artist to get to know each other; hair and makeup styles can be a very personal thing and you will need to know your chosen artist is the right fit for you.

Once happy with your final look, your artist will be able to take pictures and record all the products used so the look can be replicated with ease on the wedding morning. Stress and nerve levels can be high on the morning of a wedding and having a trial beforehand will mean you can trust that you are in safe hands with your artist and know you will look amazing for your big day!

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What Can I Expect from a Professional Bridal Trial?

Your hair and makeup artist will want to get to know you and what it is you’re envisioning for your wedding day. As well as asking about the kind of hair and makeup looks you like, you can also expect questions about your dress, colour scheme and overall theme for your wedding.

At the trial, your artist will assess your hair and skin type and decide on the best skincare, makeup and hair products for you. They will talk through and discuss the kind of look you are hoping to have. I usually ask for my brides to send me images of their hair and makeup inspiration prior to the trial as I find having visual aids makes it easier to discuss different elements of the look and shows more clearly the kind of thing you like.

Your artist will use all the information discussed to create hair and makeup looks that compliment you and your wedding perfectly.

How Long Does a Bridal Trial Take?

Each trial is different, but we allow around 3-4 hours for a hair and makeup trial booking. Your artist will work with you, trying out different styles and fine tuning the hair and makeup until you are completely happy with your overall look.

Top Tip Why not try and book in to have a dress fitting after your bridal trial; this way you can try your dress on whilst your hair and makeup is done and see how the overall look works together.

bridal hair and makeup trial with lauren

When Should I Book My Bridal Trial?

Some brides like to have an earlier trial so they can feel at ease knowing it’s something ticked off the to-do list. And others prefer to wait till nearer the wedding date as it’s something to look forward to or they know they will have a better idea of the look they want once they have organised other aspects of the wedding (such a decided on a dress). The date of the trial could also depend on factors such as if you wanted to grow your hair for the big day.

I usually recommend that the trial is booked around 2 – 4 months before the day of your wedding. I also advise that your wedding hair and makeup trial is carried out during daylight hours – this way you can get a clear view of what your hair and makeup will look like on the wedding day. It also gives you a chance to see the longevity of the hair and makeup and enable you to give your artist any feedback so if needed things can be tweaked on the wedding day.

Do Members of My Bridal Party Need to Book a Bridal Trial?

Bridal party trials are not as essential as having a bridal trial; however, it can still be a useful for them to have one. Bridal party trials are especially useful if someone is not sure about how they want their hair and/or makeup on the day and want to try something out prior to the wedding day. As there isn’t extra time on the wedding morning to experiment with styles, if someone is unsure about what they want it is important to have a trial beforehand to avoid any disappointment or stress on the day. Bridal party trials can also be helpful for people who are not used the having their hair and makeup done as it can make them feel more at ease and relieve any nerves about having it done on the wedding day.

Top Tip Having your trials together can also just be an enjoyable, fun experience. Brides often bring along their mum or maid of honour along so they can both have trials and make a bit of a day of it! They can spend the day getting pampered and made up and then go out for drinks or dinner all made up!

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