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Winter Skincare, My Professional Routine Revealed.

The winter months can be harsh on your skin and so it is important to use gentler products in your routine to accommodate these effects on your skin. Cold air and chilly winds coupled with dry indoor temperatures from heaters zaps our skin’s moisture and can leave skin feeling dry and dull. In this post, I will go through some changes you can make to your skincare routine to help tackle those winter skin blues.

Ditch your foaming cleanser

A great way to lock in moisture is by starting your routine with a hydrating cleanser. With your skin being dryer, you don’t want to add to this by using a cleanser that will strip your skin of it’s natural oils. Opt for a more gentle milk or cream cleanser. This is less abrasive and less disruptive to the acid mantle than a foaming cleanser. I love using Clinique’s Take The Day Off cleansing balm to remove makeup followed by Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser for a soothing second cleanse.

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Layer your products with a hydrating mist

Your main goal for your winter skincare is to keep your skin hydrated and a great way to do this is to layer your skincare with hydrating mists. Opt for a mist containing glycerine and hyaluronic acid which will help lock in moisture. Misting your face after applying your acids and in between serums will help keep that moisture in.

Introduce oils

Using oils in summer can feel quite heavy and sticky, so winter is a great time to introduce an oil into your routine. The constant switch in temperatures between the cool air outside, central heating inside and hot showers can cause your skin to become dry and flaky. Introducing an oil into your routine will not only nourish your skin, but also help improve your skin’s moisture retention in the long haul.

Note – Oily skins shouldn’t be afraid of using oils! Just use one specifically designed for your skin type. As an oily girl myself I love the Clarins Lotus Treatment Oil.

Invest in a thicker moisturiser

A light moisturiser will usually be enough in summer for most skin types, but in winter your skin can really benefit from something with a thicker consistency to help seal in the hydration. Your moisturiser will also act as a protective barrier from the elements of winter such as cold winds and central heating – think of it as the skincare equivalent to your winter coat.

Don’t forget your SPF

It is easy to forget about applying SPF in winter, but just because you’re not sunbathing, doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t need to be protected – UV rays are just as harmful to your skin all year round. SPF should be an imperative part of your routine at any time of the year. Apply SPF as the last step in your skincare routine, before applying makeup.

Skin is constantly changing, whether this be due to weather, stress levels or hormones and it’s important to tailor your skincare to meet its needs. I hope these changes will help keep your skin glowing all throughout the winter! Be sure to follow our blog for our seasonal advice.

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