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Top Wedding Makeup Tips to Get That Bridal Glow

Wedding Makeup Tips to Get That Bridal Glow

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One of my favourite wedding makeup tips is to apply enhancing highlighting products to take skin from dull and lack lustre to fresh, bright and dewy! And who doesn’t want to glow on their wedding day? In this post I will talk through my top tips and favourite products to achieve that gorgeous bridal glow!

Build A Solid Foundation

The key to beautiful glowing skin starts with a good skincare regime. The health of your skin is the foundation for fresh looking, dewy skin – you can use all the highlighters and illuminators in the world but if your skin isn’t well tended to don’t expect to achieve the luminous finish you’re hoping for. Skin that is not well looked after can look dull and lack-lustre. To get that gorgeous glow your skin should be hydrated and well exfoliated to brighten and slough away any dead skin cells. Not only will your skin’s texture look more refined and brighter, makeup will sit much better on your skin’s surface for a more polished finish. Want some tips on ramping up your skincare routine? Head on over to my skincare blog post.

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Choosing the Right Products For You

It is important to choose the correct colour products to compliment your skin tone. Lighter skin tones suit more apricot and champagne colours. Sallowness can also be lifted with products that have a pink tone in them. Olive and darker skin tones should opt for golden and warm bronzy tones. By choosing the right shade for you, your “glow” will be much more natural and believable.

Avoid any highlighting products that have too much glitter or sparkle in them. You want your glow to be believable and not to resemble a 90’s disco ball! Products with a lot of sparkle are also more likely to settle into pores and highlight uneven skin texture which is not a flattering look! This is a top wedding makeup tip!

What Kind of Highlighters Should I Use?

For that “lit from within” appearance I like to start with using an illuminator. This can help create the illusion of all over radiance and the appearance of brighter looking skin. They can be either used alone to prime the skin under foundation for a subtle finish or mixed in with your foundation for that extra glow. I love NIOD’s “Photography Fluid Opactiy 12%” – this unique serum combines correcting, light reflecting and radiance boosting ingredients to create a beautiful subtle candlelit glow.

With so many different options on the market it can be hard to know where to start with picking the right highlighting products for you. A lot of this comes down to personal preference and what you like to work with, however I’m a big fan of cream products. For me they blend beautifully and have a gorgeous dewy finish for fresh looking skin. Cream products should be used on top of other cream products and before finishing powder to work their best. One of my favourites is Nars Illuminator in “Copacabana” which has a beautiful pearly finish.

I also like to layer my highlighting products and will often dust a powder highlighter over my cream highlighter for a finishing touch. My absolute favourite powder highlighter is Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfecter in “Champagne Pop” – this beautiful product has a beautiful radiance without a hint of sparkle or glitter for a believable “lit from within” glow. It is one of my top professional wedding makeup tips.

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How Do I Apply Highlighter?

Application methods will depend on the texture of the product used. For example, cream products are best applied with either a beauty blender or simply your finger-tips – tap the product gently over the skin for a natural effect so the products sinks into the skin and blends seamlessly.

Powder products are best applied with a brush. Fan brushes can be a good choice here for a subtle dusting of product – the thin shape also means product can be directed to exactly where you want it to go. I also like to use a tapered brush for a heavier application of product. Smaller eyeshadow brushes are perfect for more detailed application of smaller areas.

It is important to be sparing with your product application, you can always layer up if you need to. Being too heavy handed can result in a blocky or stripy finish which is not only unflattering but also not subtle! Make sure your product is well blended for a realistic “lot from within” finish.

Where Do I Apply Highlighter?

Highlighter is called as such for a reason – it will quite literally light up and accentuate whatever it hits and so it is important to be mindful of where you apply it. Stick to the high points of you face and be careful not to go over-board!

Applying highlighter to the top of your cheekbones will enhance and define your facial structure. Be careful to keep it to the bone and not too close to the eyes as this can accentuate fine lines.

Highlighter is a great way of making eyes pop and appear brighter. Use a small detailing brush to apply product to the inner corner of the eyes. A dusting of product on the brow bone can also help open up the eyes.

A small bit of product applied to the cupid’s blow can help make your lips appear fuller. However, be wary of applying too much as this can end up looking like a sweaty upper lip, especially in photos!

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